High School Placement

The transition from middle school to high school can be a daunting task that causes anxiety for families surrounding the process. In response to these challenges, I created a system to help ease and navigate the transition and application process for middle school families as they seek the best fit for their scholar. My system includes: one-on-one family meetings, parent advocacy seminars, student interest surveys, virtual instruction and a digital database, writing enhancement workshops, interview prep course and simulations, recruitment fairs, transportation services, and other efforts to increase scholar's acceptance opportunities and ease the burdens of such a complex process.

High School Application Blitz

Imagine 8th graders spending their Saturday Morning with their mentors and parents filling out their specialty school application and working on their essay! This was pure grit my scholars showed as they pulled through in order to complete their applications. I believe that we have to sometimes work outside of normal "business hours" in order to achieve greatness!

Student Services

Understanding the goals of my students was paramount in getting them through the high school application process. By better understanding the needs of students and motivating them to apply, I could serve them better. As a result of understanding their needs, 100% of students applied to specialty and/or college prep high school programs.

Family Engagement

Another important part of this process is making sure parents advocate for rigorous courses for their students to ensure they are competitive in the application process. Advocacy is important because, at times, parents are unaware that the classes their child takes in middle school can place them on "track" affording them certain opportunities as they enter high school.

Solving Complex Problems Through Tech Innovation

Problem: Scholars kept losing their high school placement essays and had a difficult time keeping up with their progress

Solution: Google Classrooms

Many educators use Google Classrooms for their classes. I used it to help streamline the process for students to compile all the information they needed to successfully apply to specialty schools. This allowed students to work on their applications any time, even using their personal devices such as cellphones. Their mentors gave them feedback in real time, allowing them to continuously to work on several essays and applications.