Speaking Engagements

Improving Summer & Afterschool Learning: Insights From Campaign for Grade Level Reading Communities

Presentation Description: In this What’s Working Roundtable Conversation, I served as a panelist to speak the PreK – K transition with Kindergarten Countdown Camp; using the summer months to build a bridge between the early years and the early grades and to create well-designed program models and more seamless systems of care and support for children and their families. This webinar also engaged GLR communities about strategies for improving summer and afterschool learning. Our conversation focused on data-driven, evidence-based practices that have mitigated learning loss and helped pave the way for early school success. I also explored how, in what ways and to what extent I am pivoting my work on kindergarten readiness as a response to COVID-19 pandemic. 6/9/2020

VCU MERC- Advancing Educational

Equity Conference

"Making Kindergarten Readiness Accessible for All"

Presentation Description: This session discussed the mission of Kindergarten Countdown Camp, how it is working to promote equitable student learning opportunities, and how it plans to expand to other divisions. 1 in 7 students begin kindergarten without the skills necessary to learn and thrive in elementary school. A successful transition to kindergarten is crucial for students as it sets the foundation for their entire educational journey. Students who are unprepared for this transition, unfortunately, begin their academic career behind their peers because they lack basic readiness skills. This increases the likelihood of challenges throughout their educational career, particularly around critical milestones like literacy and high school graduation. In our search to bring Kindergarten Countdown Camp to the Greater Richmond area we found inequities in summer kindergarten readiness programs offered by school districts. Dinwiddie County Public Schools was excited to partner with the United Way to provide students with the opportunity to gain basic academic and social skills. Together we sought to provide access for families in the community through the implementation of a summer kindergarten readiness program: Kindergarten Countdown Camp (KCC).

University of Richmond Bonner Scholars

"Education in Virginia"

Presentation Description: This presentation was given to undergraduate students who are a part of the Bonner Scholars Program at the University of Richmond Virginia. The focus of the presentation was based on the historic, financial, and policy trends in Virginia Schools. Additionally I helped students who have an interest in service in educational institutes to begin to think about how they can identify a problem in their community and use their voice and resources to impact Richmond community.